Why Solana NFTs Are Taking Over

Why Solana NFTs Are Taking Over

The Bellatrix update is complete and pre-merge excitement has reached critical mass – literally everyone is talking about it. Check it out. With ETH on the verge of becoming sexy, deflationary, ultrasound (VO: say it again, baby), ooh, ultrasound money, everyone and their dog’s dog’s dog has been aping in to secure an ENS domain, with the 7-day volume on OpenSea surpassing the likes of BAYC, Otherdeeds and RTFKT Clones.

This, my friends, is peak merge mania and if you’re feeling FOMO, you can check out our ENS tutorial by clicking the link right here. Because why have a randomly assigned public key when you can snap up cool NFTs like 0782688202.ETH, or 710547.eth. The ladies will love it. And yet. And yet. Contain yourselves: because as our bois Ryan and David can scarcely believe… in spite of this pre-merge hype getting cranked up to 11, Solana Summer is back. Bleurgh. Yuck. Leading the charge is the NFT collection du jour: y00ts. Yes, your honour: Yoots. Formerly known as Duppies. And they’ve generated crazy hype AND delivered the numbers to back it up. So today, we’ll be examining the Yootopian dream. Is it just a flash in the pan? Or could the team’s approach prove a landmark moment for NFTs?