Twitter Drops 140 Free NFTs on Rarible

Twitter is on Rarible. Yes, the gigantic social media platform. That Twitter. 

On June 30, the official Twitter account tweeted that it was giving away 140 free NFTs based on the platform’s aesthetic, brand and memes. These one-of-twenty edition NFTs included a furry Twitter bird, an overflowing bottle of blue Twitter vitamins, and a Twitter “reply guy” whose head is literally an egg (in reference to the dudes with Twitter’s default egg profile picture who “mansplain” in the comments).

(Rarible: Twitter Reply Guy)

The official Twitter account responded directly to excited commenters, informing 140 people that they would get DMs with access to the NFTs. 

Twitter’s embrace of Rarible, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces on Ethereum, is especially amusing in light of Jack Dorsey’s advocacy for Bitcoin. In March, Dorsey auctioned an NFT of the first-ever Tweet on Valuables, an Ethereum-based platform for minting “autographed” Tweets with the approval of their creators. Dorsey’s Tweet sold for $2.9M in ETH, which he converted to Bitcoin and donated to the Give Directly Africa Fund. Dorsey will be joining Tesla CEO Elon Musk to discuss Bitcoin at The B Word event on July 21.

Still, Twitter on Rarible is a clear sign that mainstream tech and media’s infatuation with NFTs is intensifying. Expect more to come.