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Top 10 DeFi Resources

There are countless resources that can provide crucial information and education to help you along in your DeFi journey.

These (in no particular order or ranking) are our Top 10 DeFi Resources:

  1. The Defiant. No surprise here. Subscribe to The Defiant YouTube channel, newsletter and podcast, covering the most interesting, most extraordinary, and sometimes, most insane developments in DeFi. 
  1. DeFi Dad, a DeFi super-user and a contributor to The Defiant’s DeFi 101 series. Subscribe to DeFi Tutorials with DeFi Dad on YouTube by going to DeFi Dad is known for doing step by step tutorials on how you can do everything from become an LP to more sophisticated yield farming strategies.
  1.–not only do they have the most updated charts on Total Value Locked (TVL) for the most liquid apps in DeFi, but they also now have a tracker for the amount of tokenized BTC on Ethereum–which is near about $8.9B in BTC at the moment. Defi Pulse Blog also has all sorts of interesting, and simple to understand blog posts on fundamental DeFi topics.
  1. Bankless–a newsletter, podcast, and YouTube channel covering the latest in DeFi and, more tactically, how to use DeFi apps and put your money to work.
  1. EthHub–the hub of Ethereum. EthHub started during the depths of the bear market in 2018 and has become a trusted wiki of all things Ethereum, including more technical topics on Ethereum 2.0 and its roadmap. EthHub also has a great podcast and weekly newsletter.
  1. Nugget’s News hosted by Alex Saunders. This is a very high quality YouTube educator “delivering unfiltered coverage on cryptocurrency and traditional markets.”. Alex regularly broadcasts to over 100,000 subscribers with in-depth analysis of DeFi and Ethereum.
  1. How to DeFi is a fantastic e-book created by the team of DeFi experts at Coingecko. You can download it for $14.99.
  1. Yield TV by Zapper–another go-to educational resource hosted by DeFi Dad. They do weekly lessons on DeFi fundamentals with a segment called DeFi Class which covers the latest news in DeFi and interviews the biggest names (and those up-and-coming) in DeFi.
  1. Discord. There’s no better place to learn and dive in head first than the Discord channel for one of your favorite new DeFi applications. For example, communities like Zapper’s Discord tends to have more general discussions on all things DeFi and can provide opportunities for virtual meetups and lessons.
  2. Twitter. Type in DeFi or decentralized finance and you’ll be exposed to an abundance of daily dialogue openly debating the future of p2p bankless finance.