The Sushi Community Is Cooking Up An NFT Platform

SushiSwap will likely add an NFT platform soon. 

The decentralized exchange for swapping Ethereum-based tokens has been branching out into a one-stop shop for DeFi, with spin-off protocols for lending (Kashi), dapp usage (BentoBox), and yield farming (Onsen). 

Now with Shoyu, NFTs are being added to the mix. The platform was proposed to the Sushi community by former SushiSwap core developer LevX, who plans to be the new project’s lead developer as well. The Sushi community largely embraced the Shoyu proposal, with 98% of voters in a poll saying they wanted to hire LevX as the product manager/lead dev of Shoyu for one year.

Japanese aesthetic and immersive features

Shoyu will be an NFT platform geared towards both collectors and artists, guided by a “Japanese sensibility and aesthetic” that gives users a beautiful space to showcase their NFTs, according to the proposal. Proposed features include immersive, customizable gallery and auction modes and a 3D Metaverse. The proposal also outlines plans for social tokens through which creators can further monetize their work and share revenue, and for fractional NFT ownership and governance by which multiple people can co-own NFT artworks. 

Shoyu will be competing with many other NFT marketplaces, both established and burgeoning, but the SushiSwap community has proven time and time again that they’re capable of standing tall next to even the most imposing DeFi behemoths. Shoyu is still in its earliest conceptual stages, but Defiers who love Sushi should definitely keep their eyes on this one.