The return to Terra LUNA Summer 2021 UPDATE

The Return to Terra (LUNA), Summer 2021 Update

It’s hard to believe that this channel is barely a year old and here we are with 227 videos uploaded and a ton of data to work with. We’ve covered so many different topics and NFTs are clearly a favourite but of all the L1s we’ve looked at there’s one in particular that just floats your boat. We first got stuck into Terra six months ago with our DeFIRE episode looking into ways of earning a fixed return on stablecoins and since then the layer 1 has blossomed into a blue chip proposition, comfortably positioned in the top 20 projects by marketcap. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. In this episode we’ll look at what’s happened since that first film and some of the exciting new developments coming up on the platform including the huge Columbus 5 upgrade. This is the return to Terra.