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The Story of Ethereum to Become a Movie and NFT Collection

“The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto Hackers is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum,” the hit book by Camila Russo detailing the history of Ethereum, is about to be made into a movie with its own NFT-driven community.

“The Infinite Machine” has become the go-to reference for anyone wanting to understand the history of Ethereum, selling out at least twice on Amazon. The Infinite Machine movie aims to be the first mainstream feature-length film about crypto, leveraging Ethereum technology and NFTs to fund its production and turn its audience into a community. 

Special Perks

The sale of the collection will take place on the Ethereum network in the following weeks. Those who participated in Russo’s proof-of-pre-order campaign for the book and subscribers of The Defiant will be eligible for special perks in the sale. 

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The movie will be produced by Alejandro Miranda of Versus Entertainment, a Spanish audiovisual production and distribution company, and a US-based production company to be announced. Camila Russo, the book’s author and founder of DeFi content platform The Defiant, and Francisco Gordillo, co-founder of crypto hedge fund Avenue Investment, are executive producers.

Russo, Gordillo, and Miranda are spearheading the NFT collection, while Santiago Siri, founder of the UBI Protocol and hacktivist at the Democracy Earth initiative, is an advisor. Gladys Garrote, Havana University professor and co-founder of Cuba-based NFT collective CitiSplash, and Gianni D’Alerta, early Ethereum community member and founder of NFTCuba.ART, are curating and coordinating the collection’s artists. Juan Manuel Haedo, solidity developer at various Ethereum projects including UBI, is overseeing technical development.

“We believe Ethereum is enabling a world where users and audiences are now owners and participants, and so ‘The Infinite Machine’ film itself should be part of that movement.”

Camila Russo

The film will leverage Ethereum NFTs to turn its audience into a community that is united by the belief in a more decentralized future powered by ETH. 

“We believe Ethereum is enabling a world where users and audiences are now owners and participants, and so ‘The Infinite Machine’ film itself should be part of that movement and enable the Ethereum community to participate in the creation of a film about the platform,” said Russo.

The Infinite Machine NFT Collection is a collaborative effort by artists from Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela , Kenya, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, France, Honduras, India, Mexico, Panama and the US. There will be a total of 40 artists contributing to the collection, and there is still room for 10 more to join. Apply here.

Emerging Artists

“For many of these artists, this technology has been life-changing, as it has allowed them to showcase and sell their art directly to fans, in a way that wasn’t possible before,” said Garrote of CitiSplash and NFTCuba.ART.

Each artist is creating 10 versions of the Ethereum logo, which form the core designs of the collection. Each of those artworks are then divided in four quadrants, to be programmatically combined with each other to create 10,499 unique ETH logo mosaics representing the visions of these emerging artists. 

Some of the NFTs will be embedded with traits which will give their owners access to various perks related to the movie, including the opportunity to appear as an extra, a VIP pass to the premiere, an invitation to visit the shooting live, and more. 

NFT holders will also receive additional drops of movie-related digital assets as the production is underway, with details to be announced. Visit the project’s website for further details.

Website: www.theinfinitemachinemovie.com

Twitter: @ETHMovie https://twitter.com/ETHMovie

Discord: https://discord.gg/e45UCvrXRm