The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made

The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made

It’s official. NFTs have exploded. Prompting a wild free for all on one side with numbers you can scarcely believe and deep and justified skepticism on the other. But the problem is most have only the most rudimentary understanding of what NFTs are and what they can do. So I set myself the goal of making the most comprehensive, wide-ranging NFT film ever, one that covered everything – art, music, fashion, defi and the metaverse. The greatest NFT film ever made. And I failed because there’s too much, it’s exploding out of every orifice blockchain has to offer. And there are many. There’s no way I can cover it all. Not without boring you rigid. But I hope that if you do make it to the end of this utter beast of a film you come out properly armed to dismiss or embrace them. So get comfortable as we shine a massive megawatt light on the maddest, baddest tokens in crypto.