The Graph Migrates First Subgraphs to its Decentralized Network

Ten subgraphs, eight of which track DeFi protocols have moved to The Graph’s decentralized network. The subgraphs are the first to ever migrate from The Graph’s hosted service to the decentralized mainnet and thus represent a major step towards the project’s goal of becoming the go-to decentralized indexing protocol for querying blockchain data.

The Graph’s decentralized mainnet went live last December, with its smart contracts laying the groundwork for queries to happen without relying on centralized servers but rather a decentralized network of incentivized contributors. Still, at the time, subgraphs had yet to deploy to the mainnet as Indexers, those who turn the subgraphes into quickly accessible data, as the team needed time to “feel comfortable with their setup and the quality of services they’re offering,” the launch post said.

The migrating subgraph projects include UMA, Enzyme, PoolTogether, Gnosis and four other DeFi protocols, plus video project Livepeer and music streaming protocol Audius. Now, Indexers can begin to index these new subgraphs in order to make them available to consumers, often decentralized applications.

The Graph’s hosted query service volume exceeded 14B queries in February and 19B in March according to the project’s blog.