The Final Merge Video Before The Merge

The Final Merge Video Before The Merge

I too have been moved by the events of this week, which is why I ask you, dear viewers, to join me in a brief moment of silence for… Ethereum miners. May they be REKT in peace. Yes, save for any unforeseen delays this really could be the final pre-merge Merge video we ever make; and that’s because the TTD, or total terminal difficulty, is fast approaching this extremely large number: 5875… something. Last week’s successful Bellatrix upgrade was the penultimate step and like Cardano’s Vaseline HardFork, it essentially aimed to lubricate the Beacon Chain and ensure a silky smooth, frictionless experience for all. The Paris Upgrade – pretty much the final boss – will be initiated once the TTD reaches the point of no return, and The Merge will officially be complete when the first block is created on the unified Proof of Stake chain.