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  • Jam Session #7: Frontends

    Jam Session #7: Frontends

    We’ll be talking with a stellar collection of DeFi powerhouses about what it takes to create the next frontier… of frontend. What are the challenges they face when looking at UX/Ui within DeFi? What are the risks when going decentralized? And what will it take to get the next BILLION users on board this DeFi […]

  • What DeFi Can Learn From Fintech Adoption

    What DeFi Can Learn From Fintech Adoption

    It’s not uncommon for decentralized finance (DeFi) proponents to bring up the topic of financial inclusion, that is, to provide access to financial products and services that are needed by individuals, businesses, and organizations. At the most basic level for most people, this means the ability to make and receive payments and transactions. Building up […]