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  • Recap: DeFi Week of Sept. 28 ?

    Hello Defiers! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Summing up: This week began with crypto feeling the hangover from the previous week’s hack of centralized exchange KuCoin as the attacker started selling off his/her stash; DIA founder Paul Claudius wrote about the hard choice DeFi projects faced: to fork or not to fork. Later in the […]

  • Recap: DeFi Week of Sept. 7 ?

    Hello Defiers, hope you’re having a great weekend! Summing up: SushiSwap continues to make headlines this week, first with a successful migration of liquidity, where it was able to take about half of Uniswap’s assets, and next when founder Chef Nomi returned the full $14M he has taken from the project. yEarn launched yet another […]

  • Recap: DeFi Week of Aug. 10 ?

    Hello Defiers, hope you’re having a great weekend! Summing this past week up: In the last seven days some have started calling DeFi not Decentralized Finance but Degenerate Finance as the levels of speculation is reaching levels not ever seen in this corner of crypto. Yam Finance and its YAM token launched with no tests or […]