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  • Keep and NuCypher Propose Decentralized Protocol Merger

    Move over legacy M&A, on-chain protocol mergers are coming to town. Proposals for merging Keep and Nucypher are live on both projects’ forums. The projects are threshold cryptography networks, which protect information by encrypting it and then requiring a certain number of parties to decrypt it) networks. The potential merge is the first of its […]

  • SushiSwap is Largest Target in Yearn Merger Wave

    SushiSwap is the latest DeFi project to combine forces with Yearn Finance as Andre Cronje’s protocol continues with its merger spree to expand services to the addressable market.  As the announcement became public, there were no remarkable price jumps $SUSHI on the day of the announcement, however, it kept its price around $1-$2, a 98% […]

  • Yearn Merges With Three DeFi Projects in Four Days

    Yearn Finance has partnered or merged with at least six different DeFi projects, three of which have been announced in just in the past four days. SushiSwap, Akropolis and Cover, were the latest protocols to combine forces with Yearn, while mergers with Cream, Pickle, and a partnership with Hegic were announced in the past two weeks. Rather than […]

  • Yearn and Pickle Merge After a $20M Attack

    Yearn and Pickle Merge After a $20M Attack

    Yearn Finance and Pickle Finance today announced a merger where the teams are consolidating resources and technical stack. Just a few days earlier, Pickle was attacked and ~$20M Dai was drained (more on the attack below). The timing of the merger at the heel of a protocol attack highlights the seized opportunity these DeFi teams […]