• Non Fungible Debt Positions with JPEG’d

    Non Fungible Debt Positions with JPEG’d

    JPEG’d is a new project that will allow NFT owners to deposit their NFTs as collateral into a vault and be able to take out a loan in PUSd.

  • Vitalik Says UNI Should Become an Oracle Token

    Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin made a proposal for Uniswap’s UNI token to become an oracle price token for ETH/USD so as to allow the DeFi eco-system to ‘mark to market’ its fair value, thus providing a more robust mechanism for smart contract execution. He says that the pricing oracle should be modeled along the lines […]

  • LINK Moving Off Exchanges Signals Potential Rebound

    Chainlink has fallen out of favor in the last few months, possibly due to the parabolic run-up it enjoyed in mid 2020, but the worst may be over. LINK’s supply ratio has been transitioning off exchanges ever since it reached a peak price of $20 in early August, on-chain market analytics firm Santiment revealed. . […]