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  • Kyber Launches Dynamic Market Maker to Optimize Liquidity Provider Fees

    Kyber Network, a decentralized exchange, launched a new product called a dynamic market maker (DMM), which the project says will optimize fees for liquidity providers (LPs). The first difference from automated market makers (AMM) is that while the 0.03% which Uniswap LPs receive is fixed, Kyber has introduced “dynamic fees” which increase during times of […]

  • Kyber Overhauled its Protocol and Token Holders Love It

    Kyber Overhauled its Protocol and Token Holders Love It

    Kyber Network just overhauled its protocol and token holders are loving it. Kyber’s KNC jumped 25% on Thursday after the announcement to the highest since 2018, compared with ETH’s 10% increase.  Over the weekend KNC retraced some of the gains and has been hovering between $1.3 and $1.45. The upgraded Kyber 3.0 will be transitioned […]

  • Kyber Network Shows Signs of Life as DeFi Booms

    As decentralised finance protocols (DeFi) take on a more prominent role in driving total cryptocurrency market cap, Kyber Network eyes the $2 high last seen in August 2020. Currently exchanging hands at $1.33 (Binance), KNC surged 35% in 7 days. The KNC token had been in a period of consolidation since October, but the tables […]