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  • Element Finance Raises $4.4M to Boost Fixed Rate DeFi Markets 

    Element Finance raised $4.4M in a seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz and Placeholder accompanied by SV Angel, A.Capital, Scalar Capital, and Robot Ventures.  Angels included Joseph Lubin, Fernando Martinelli, Stani Kulechov, Mariano Conti, Robert Leshner and Tarun Chitra. The project aims to bring liquidity to the fixed-rate income and interest markets Users will be […]

  • Anchor Targets 20% Fixed Stablecoin Yield

    Anchor Protocol will be targeting a 20% fixed annual yield on stablecoins—the highest fixed stablecoin rate to-date. Anchor, a newly launched low-volatility savings protocol by the Terraform Labs team, aims to achieve this 20% rate by passing borrowers’ staking rewards onto lenders, instead of charging a  borrowing rate. In other words, the borrowing cost equals […]

  • Engineer Becomes His Own Lender in First DeFi Mortgage

    Engineer Becomes His Own Lender in First DeFi Mortgage

    The first ever DeFi mortgage may have just gone through.  An engineering lead at a top DeFi protocol, who asked to remain anonymous to keep his personal finances private, on Jan. 22 paid off his mortgage loan with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and now is paying down his refinanced home loan through DeFi protocol Notional […]

  • MakerDAO Proposal Seeks to Boost DeFi Fixed-Rate Loans

    Fixed rate lending has been slow to take off in DeFi. That’s what one of the latest MakerDAO proposals is seeking to change.  Maker Improvement Proposal 43 would enable MakerDAO to buy fixed-rate loans. The goal is that having DeFi’s largest protocol buying tokenized loans issued by other protocols, at more favorable terms, will boost […]

  • Notional Comes out of Stealth With Fixed Lending Protocol

    Notional Finance has come out of stealth with $3M in liquidity following a closed beta over the past quarter. Notional users can lend and borrow the stablecoins DAI and USDC at fixed rates using ETH or WBTC as collateral. A 10k USDC loan has a fixed APR of 4.27%, while a 10k USDC deposit has […]