9 SXSW Panels the DeFi Crowd Can Get Behind

DeFi can be part of the conversation at South by Southwest — if you demand it.

Organizers allow the public to weigh in on the agenda of South by Southwest (SXSW), one of the biggest festivals in the country, and that’s underway now. Dozens of sessions have been proposed that touch on crypto topics and there’s a nice dose of DeFi in that mix this year, some of which could make the final agenda if there’s demand. 

For people in decentralized finance who want to put this sector in front of many of the smartest and most open-minded people in the world, there are few better places to do so than in Central Texas’ innovation and music festival. To help DeFi earn the spot it deserves in those conversations, you can register your support right now. 

Crypto Agenda

SXSW takes over most of downtown Austin each year (when there’s not a pandemic), and in many ways reflects all the big themes on everyone’s minds. Crypto and blockchain didn’t really start showing up at the conference until 2018, but it takes up a bigger and bigger part of the agenda every year. 

SXSW itself will run March 11-20, 2022. The crypto events will likely take place during the conference, and likely only over a bit of that time.

Voting runs through August 26, so there’s not much time. To vote, create a SXSW identity. From there it seems to work like Reddit, with up and down votes available on each panel. Votes are not public, by the way, but you can also comment, which is.

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Searching for terms like “crypto” and “blockchain” yield all sorts of results, but we found nine that should resonate with readers of this site. But DYOR before voting!

Check out these recommended votes, make your picks and maybe we’ll see you in Austin?

Stephen Young, the founder of NFTfi, the marketplace that connects NFT owners with lenders who will offer loans against those NFTs, would explain the future of NFT and DeFi (or NFTeFi).

Crypto startup Fold has been giving consumer rewards in Bitcoin for some time, and then it spun out Thesis, one of the teams bringing Bitcoin into DeFi on Ethereum. This panel would discuss how those teams, along with the automated market maker Saddle Finance, envisions bringing consumers from passive holders into users. 

Want to do finance? First you need some property. Protocol Labs would show attendees how to make an NFT. Participants will be able to walk out with one already made and stored for good on the decentralized web.

Crypto has built a lot of furiously loyal communities. This panel would pair brand and entertainment pros with leaders from well known crypto communities that bridge the asset and recreation space: Bored Ape Yacht Club and Blockade Games.

One of the founders of Coinbase and now managing partner at Paradigm Capital, one of the top crypto investment firms, Fred Ehrsam, will talk about how he sees crypto and blockchain fitting into a global system that has been made uneasy by “shadowy super coders” and ransomware financing.

Bitcoiners have started to come around on the idea of decentralized finance and this panel would include two superstars from that end of crypto: Anthony “POMP” Pompliano and Kraken’s Dan Held.

Can NFTs both lock in fan loyalty and also manage the rights to intellectual property for things like music in a way that benefits artists? Audius has been working on the blockchain enabled answer to Spotify for some time and these sorts of questions have always been part its gameplan. Its founder would join other experts in the space to discuss what they’ve learned in the NFT boom.

Because Disaster Girl

There’s a new kind of organization in the world and it doesn’t need recognition from anyone but the internet: it’s called a decentralized autonomous organization (or DAO). This panel will discuss how DAOs are invading various industries with a loose, horizontal organization style that somehow still seems to work. We’re not biased toward this panel because Defiant advisor and contributor Cooper Turley would be featured, either.