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Stoner Cats NFT Drop Sells Out But Would-be Buyers Bite Back Over Failed Transactions

Stoner Cats, the NFT project backed by Hollywood heavyweights Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, released 10K NFTs on July 27 in a much-anticipated drop — but not everyone who participated ended up cool as a cat. 

With Vitalik Buterin voicing one of the characters in the upcoming series of animated shorts, it comes as no surprise that demand was sky-high, and the NFTs were sold out within 40 minutes despite being priced at a relatively steep 0.35 ETH apiece. The project raised 3,650 ETH — worth $8.2M — from the sale.

Failed Transactions

But many users who tried to mint Stoner Cats were unsuccessful due to the minting contract, which was generating an incorrect estimate on gas fees  (although the project insists that Metamask is to blame).

With gas prices exceeding 1,000 gwei during the drop, this led to more than 344 ETH, around $787K, in gas fees wasted on failed transactions.

Users who tried to mint 20 NFTs (the maximum allowed) without manually adjusting the gas limit in Metamask lost thousands of dollars worth of ETH, as can be seen in this transaction.

The community is understandably incensed, as can be seen from the project’s Discord

And Crypto Twitter was quickly on the scene.

Fun for affected users

The latest announcement from the Stoner Cat’s team states that they are planning some “fun stuff to try and make everyone feel good” after the debacle. Although, we’ll have to wait and see what that means. 

In the meantime, a community member has created a POAP NFT badge to commemorate the occasion. 

You can claim yours here if you were one of the users affected.