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0xMaki Is Leaving Leadership at SushiSwap to Take on an Advisory Role

0xMaki is stepping down from leadership in the community-run decentralized automated market maker, SushiSwap, to take an advisory role in the decentralized autonomous organization, a person with knowledge of the matter told The Defiant. A statement from 0xMaki will come out on Friday. 

Another knowledgeable source verified these details. 

Sources did not provide details about why 0xMaki was leaving, but he’s recently commented on Twitter about compensation, noting that core developers own less than one percent of the platform.

Vampire Attack

0xMaki confirmed that an official statement would be forthcoming to The Defiant and declined to say more.

The DeFi community first noticed that something was afoot when 0xMaki was removed from SushiSwap’s operations multisig on Sept. 14.

0xMaki is credited as one of the co-founders of the automated market maker, which famously pulled millions of dollars from Uniswap in a so-called “vampire attack” in 2020 that marked the end of “DeFi Summer.”

Early on he helped steward the community, according to a profile in CoinTelegraph, but has been credited with steering the community through the upset that occurred when the NomiChef, the founder, was accused of taking $13M from the project’s development fund.

Subsequently, he took over the key leadership role in the DAO’s staff. In April, he spoke about the importance of growing the whole DeFi community.