$OP is Live! A Guide To Claiming The Airdrop

Layer 2 season is upon us.

Optimism’s OP token is live and eligible users can claim the first phase of the airdrop. Optimism is an Ethereum scaling solution based on optimistic rollup technology.

The official token contract was unearthed by Crypto Twitter sleuths last week.

Here’s how to claim:

Step 1: Check your eligibility at https://app.optimism.io/airdrop

Details about qualifying criteria and tokenomics were released last month.

Step 2: Add Optimism to your Metamask wallet using Chainlist or your preferred method and connect to the network.

Step 3: If eligible, you’ll be able to claim your OP tokens after completing a few steps.

You’ll need to answer three questions, accept the Working Constitution and delegate your tokens before claiming your airdrop.

OP is currently trading at $1.31 on Uniswap, giving Optimism a fully diluted valuation of $5.6B. It traded as high as $3.5 earlier.

OP price. Source: dex.guru

A report from Messari estimated a valuation of $9B at launch.