Olympus DAO OHM What is it and where is it going next with JaLa

Olympus DAO ($OHM) What Is It and Where Is It Going Next? (with JaLa)

In 2021 no DeFi protocol has quite caught the eye like OlympusDAO. Inspiring a devoted following of Ohmies you’ll have seen the (3,3) meme everywhere. Then there were the forks, sooooo soooo many forks. Single-handedly responsible for DeFi2.0 and its promise of Protocol Owned Liquidity it seemed the project’s gamified model of a reserve currency would rise and rise forever. But after peaking at the end of November critics have begun to pile on declaring the bubble has burst, that the ponzi’s true colours have been revealed. I’m sure you have questions so in this special episode I’ll break down what’s actually going on to create that APY before a special interview with the new notional frontperson for the project Ja La to discuss the challenges of the difficult second album.