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NFThub Launches Landing Pad for NFT Metaverse

NFThub, which describes itself as a landing pad to navigate the NFT metaverse, emerged from “stealth Beta” this week with the launch of its governance token $gNFT.

The site’s initial features include a “public community calendar [to which] anyone can submit an event” and an “open registry” in development on which anyone “can list a project permissionlessly and at no cost,” cofounder Bruce Woodruff said in an interview. 

NFThub also features an open forum for networking and sub-community creation while the HubSwap DEX allows for cross-chain currency/token swaps such as BTC for DOGE or ETH for WAX.

The $gNFT “token distribution event” takes place for 48 hours starting today at 4:20 EST. This governance token will enable the holder to “obtain shares in the Moloch DAO summoned to govern NFThub.” In addition, the token is intended to become a “multi-chain asset” in keeping with NFThub’s mission to connect the disparate lands of the NFT metaverse.