NFT Fashion and Digital Identity in The Metaverse With The Fabricant Co Founder

NFT Fashion and Digital Identity in The Metaverse With The Fabricant Co-Founder

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Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira is the co-founder and CMO of The Fabricant, a digital fashion house for the metaverse founded in 2018. Their belief is that fashion is identity, and digital fashion is simply an extension of the digital identity we’re building in web 3. So how did this all start?

  • Co-founder and CMO of The Fabricant. 
  • Digital fashion house founded in 2018.
  • Fashion identity, an extension to digital identity in web3.

Section 2: 14:22

One of the fundamental links between digital fashion and crypto is the metaverse. However, the metaverse is interpreted in this space in a multitude of ways. While some see it as a place of ownership, others see it as a place where they can establish the truest version of their digital identity. So how does Adriana and the fabricant interpret this and what is it developing into?

  • The Metaverse is interpreted in a multitude of ways.  
  • What some see as a place to own, others see as a place to belong.
  • How is this developing and how do The Fabricant interpret it?

Section 3: 30:22

The fabricant is one of the most prolific digital garment creators in the market today. But for what purpose? How are these garments being used and how difficult are these to implement? With a multitude of competing metaverses is it possible for our digital wardrobes to be compatible with all the different chains and virtual worlds?

  • What is the purpose of digital garments? How are they used?
  • In a competitive space, compatibility and implementation can be varied.
  • With so many competing metaverses and blockchains, is this achievable?

Section 4: 37:10

World of Women & The Fabricant, two female driven powerhouses within the NFT space, have teamed up to create a new collection These two communities are seeking to make sure women feel represented and welcome in web3. So what’s this collab all about? Also, where does Adriana see the future of digital fashion going amid the bearmarket?

The Fabricant have teamed up with a new collection.

Two communities focused on welcoming women to the web3 space.

What is this collab and what is the future for digital fashion amidst a bearmarket?