Mirror Taps Optimism for New Writing NFTs

Web3 blog platform Mirror now lets writers sell their essays as NFTs.

Mirror, a kind of Medium meets Web3, lets bloggers publish essays on the Ethereum blockchain, then vote on the best ones with the platform’s governance token. 

Upstart writers could already sell NFTs on the platform and hold crowdsales – they’ve raised $15.36M since Mirror launched in 2020.

Now they can create NFTs of their posts, many of which ebulliently describe the future of Web3.

All NFTs on Mirror have also just gotten far cheaper. Ethereum’s base layer is expensive, so the platform has tapped Optimism, a Layer 2 rollup network that cuts transaction costs from around $6 to a couple of cents by processing the bulk of the computational busywork on another chain.

To commemorate the launch, Mirror is selling some of the platform’s popular think pieces as NFTs. Selected entries include “Choosing Optimism”, “You Don’t Own Enough ETH” and “NFTs: Consumption vs Investment.”

Even the blog post announcing the Writing NFTs sold was up for grabs. The 420 NFTs could be minted at 0.01ETH, and now hold a floor price of 0.27 ETH on the Optimism NFT marketplace, Quixotic. Volumes hit about 10 ETH in the 12 hours since the post went live.

Mirror has launched a leaderboard for essays that ranks entries according to how much ETH they have raised.