How can the crypto market recover from this Mati Greenspan of Quantum Economics gives his take

Mati Greenspan: Only Those Who Are Well Funded or Most Committed Will Make it Through the Bear

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This week on The Defiant Podcast we speak to Mati Greenspan. Mati is the CEO & founder of Quantum Economics, a crypto research and advisory firm. Mati has had his finger on the market’s pulse for a long time now so he’ll help guide us through the turbulent times of the last few weeks. So what’s driving the market now and does Mati believe this rising rates environment is set to continue?

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So what’s Mati’s background and what drove him to founding Quantum Economics?

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Crypto and traditional markets have become increasingly correlated this year. We speak about whether this trend is set to continue and what this means for investors portfolios, considering crypto was supposed to be an uncorrelated asset class. 

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A potentially huge positive coming up in this market, and that is the Ethereum merge. This upcoming merge has been touted for quite some time and some argue it should already be reflected in the price. We discuss whether that’s the case and the impact the merge should have on the ETH price.