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Lindsay Lohan’s NFTs Are Selling Like Hot Cakes

In case you needed further proof that NFTs are going mainstream: the latest NFT artist uploading tokens to Rarible is Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan. Not only that, but her Bitcoin to the Moon piece is going for 24 ETH, or around $44k.

Since Rarible is built on Ethereum, Lindsay also released an NFT painting of herself holding up the Ethereum logo.

Bitcoin to the Moon

“Bitcoin to the Moon” is a play on the promotional poster for Lohan’s 2005 film, Herbie Fully Loaded. In the NFT drawing, Herbie ––a Volkswagen beetle–– is yellow and emblazoned with the Bitcoin logo. Lohan’s character, who has disproportionately long legs here, leans against Bitcoin Herbie beneath a starry night sky. A giant moon peeks out from the clouds, and the “BITCOIN TO THE MOON” phrase hangs above it in space. There are also two large creases along the image, as if someone drew the whole thing on a sheet of paper, folded it in thirds, and then unfolded it later to scan.  

Lohan has been tweeting about Bitcoin since February and since then, Lohan has been sporadically dropping her own original NFTs on Rarible with titles like “Rolling in the Bitcoin.” She mentions in a number of her Tweets and NFT descriptions that she plans to donate some of the proceeds from her NFT sales to humanitarian organizations like Save the Children, and also reinvest into the NFT space to support female artists. 


The “Bitcoin to the Moon” NFT, is another sign that traditional fundamentals are being replaced with  “hype” and “meme magic.” 

And, to be clear, the meme power of Lindsay Lohan’s “Bitcoin to the Moon” NFT is off the charts. Lindsay Lohan is one of the most recognizable teen icons of the 2000s, and here she is selling a poorly drawn, shoddily folded picture of her and Bitcoin Herbie in space. And it’s not even being sold on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

This NFT is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to “objectively funny.” 24 ETH may very well be a steal.