Jill Gunter Talks Cryptos Role in Emerging Markets and Building Scaling Solution Espresso Systems

Jill Gunter Talks Crypto’s Role in Emerging Markets and Building Scaling Solution Espresso Systems


Jill Gunter is the co-founder and chief strategy officer at scaling solution Espresso Systems and a venture partner at Slow Ventures. We have a sort of Latin Ameirca connection, as she was trading emerging markets debt with Goldman Sachs as I was writing about it at Bloomberg News. She became interested in Bitcoin because of its potential to help those in corrupt or repressive regimes. So how did it all start for her?  


Jill had already been Bitcoin-pilled when she went off to grad school, so she took the opportunity to use those years to dive deeper into crypto, investigating how Bitcoin was being used to skirt currency controls. After that, there was no turning back. So how was that transition from wall street to blockchain?


Espresso Systems is Jill’s latest endeavor and recently raised over $32 million in funding to bring scalability and privacy to web3. The tools Jill believes are fundamental if web3 is to truly go mainstream. So what’s Espresso’s funding story? And how  Also, from a functional perspective, how does Espresso work?


Tech has unforeseen consequences, a p rime example of this was social media introduction in web2. What was designed to connect friends evolved in data breaches and misuse of information. So what are the potential unforeseen consequences of crypto? Are we starting to see glimpses of that with CBDCs? Jill is optimistic.