Hart Lambur co founder of UMA protocol gives his market take solutions to the DAO conundrum.

Hart Lambur, co-founder of UMA protocol gives his market take & solutions to the DAO conundrum.

Section 1: 0:00:00

UMA is an optimistic oracle on Ethereum that aims to record any knowable truth onto a blockchain. He was also CEO of Openfolio, a personal finance tracking platform and before that he was also a US treasury trader for Goldman & Sachs. But before we get into all of that, what are Hart’s takes on this current market? If this is crypto’s Lehan moment, how does it compare with the actual Lehman moment, from someone who lived throug that?

Section 2: 0:09:39

So we now know Hart’s market insights but what about the UMA protocol? As mentioned from the outset, it aims to record external information onto blockchains. We talk about the problems it’s solving and why it shifted away from structuring derivatives products.

Section 3: 0:34:12

DAO’s continue to be a source of debate within the space. There is constant discussion regarding the mismanagement, the issues surrounding governance, and relying far too heavily on multi sigs. Hart talks about the DAO model and how UMA’s cross chain bridge and DAO tooling can help decentralize and automate some DAO processes. 

Section 4: 54:45 

In this final section we talk about what’s next for UMA. What are the upcoming milestones to look out for? Beyond UMA, what are the areas of defi that Hart is keeping a keen eye on in the next few months?