Which NFT projects will survive the bear market

Gmoney on the NFT Projects That Will Make it Through the Bear

Section 1: 0:00

Today on The Defiant Podcast we speak to GMoney. GMoney is one of the most prominent NFT collectors in the space to date, even recently moving over to NFT creation. He is a prominent voice in this area and given the crash we are seeing across all areas in crypto through this bear market, we ask how this is actually affecting the NFT space specifically.

  • GMoney, NFT collector and creator.
  • A prominent voice within the NFT space
  • What is the effect of this bear market on the NFT space as a whole?

Section 2: 11:28

Coming from a trad-fi background, it is easy to see how G-Money rose to such success so quickly. But, how do you go from traditional finance to buying a CryptoPunk 140 ETH in 2021, and starting your own NFT project, Admit One. Where did the interest in NFT’s stem from?

  • GMoney began his journey in traditional finance.
  • He went on to make a record buy and his own project, Admit One.
  • What was his intro to the space and where did the interest come from?

Section 3: 35:24

The state of the bear market has spread a sense of fear rapidly in the space. Fewer jobs and a  stagnant market are not ideal conditions. But the beauty of NFT’s is that still every day people continue to innovate. So what are the projects out now that Gmoney thinks are hitting the right notes?

  • Fear is spreading throughout this bear market across the board.
  • One area that innovation continues is the NFT space.
  • What projects in this climate does Gmoney think are doing the right things?

Section 4: 44:32

We have seen that NFT’s are a form of digital identity and communities, its an access point. But what more can NFT’s do? In the grand roadmap of NFT’s, where will the space go in the next 5-10 years? Are they really truly going to disrupt the system?

  • NFT’s are a form of digital identity & a community access point.
  • But, what does the future hold for the space?
  • Are NFT’s destined to disrupt the system even further? And how?