Lets replace monopolistic government services with competing public goods

Giveth’s Griff Green: Super-Charging Public Goods and Charity With Crypto

Griff Green is one of the co-founders of Giveth, which aims to build the future of charity using the Ethereum blockchain. It wants to become the gateway for non-profit organizations into web3, giving them the tools to grow their own communities via DAOs and crypto.

The primary source of revenue for any non-profit organization is donations, but relying on individuals giving voluntarily can limit their impact, Griff says. He argues a system that better aligns incentives can allow non-profits to have a much larger role in society, potentially even stepping in where local governments are failing. The big vision is for donors and volunteers to become akin to investors in an organization, and be rewarded for their participation too.

Griff also talks about his own fascinating journey into crypto, and how he went from keeping all his savings in physical gold to digital gold. He goes through the history of Giveth and how it was born directly out of the ashes of the famous DAO hack of 2016, and what the roadmap is for the organizations going forward.