Foundation Upgrades With Massive NFT Auction

Foundation added 100 new NFTs to auction as its V2 upgrade went live yesterday afternoon.

The launch featured 1/1 drops running as 24 hours auctions, most starting at 1 ETH reserves with first edition items like Robbie Tilton’s Fire Sword leading the way at 5 ETH at the time of writing.

“Foundation is bringing digital creators, crypto natives, and collectors together to move culture forward,” says the project’s website. 

After starting a digi-physical crypto marketplace for high quality portraits, apparel and garments, Foundation took note of the growing movement around NFTs and chose to pivot to an open marketplace for the metaverse.

“Name me a dapp with a better UX” Foundation CEO Kayvon Tehranian told The Defiant.

Boasting a sleek interface with intuitive bidding frameworks, a smooth flow to mint and a web3 social profile, Foundation hopes to win the growing arms race between NFT marketplaces like SuperRare, Zora and Rarible.

Foundation features its own terminal – – to easily track the price of existing items, setting the stage for new collectors entering the NFT market for the very first time.

The growing interest around NFTs benefits  new creators entering the space, as ongoing competition between platforms creates the best tools to easily create, promote and monetize scare digital art.

For the NFT collectors out there – don’t blink. You may just miss the next gem.