Everybodys wrong about Web3

Everybody’s Wrong About Web3

Spend any amount of time in the blockchain and crypto space and you find yourself required to develop an extremely thick skin. The attacks come from everywhere and they’re vicious. So we become adept at framing our worldview in simple, defensible concepts. Then we memeify them. And then we go to war. But while most of the concepts we explore are very adept at pissing people off. Nobody’s ever really been that bothered about the concept of Web3. It’s always felt like the grand vision that makes all the handwringing and cognitive dissonance worthwhile. But all that changed a few days before Christmas when Jack Lightning Bolt called into question the very soul of Web3 itself, reducing it to a meme and provoking reply guys from all over blockchain to tweet a technicolour torrent of outrage in the vain hope that Mr Lightning Bolt would take the bait.