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EXCLUSIVE: Ethereum Documentary to Sell NFTs to Fully Finance Production

When it came time to raise cash for Ethereum: The Infinite Garden, the first feature-length documentary about the world’s most active blockchain network, the producers had a logical choice: Ethereum tokens.

The team will seek to raise at least $1.5M, with a stretch goal of up to $3M, by selling $INFINITE tokens via Mirror, a blockchain-based publishing platform, director  Zach Ingrasci and producer Carrie Weprin said in an interview with The Defiant.

Crowdfunding will begin today and end on Friday, July 16th at 12pm PDT.

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Infinite Garden

The film will follow the stories of key figures in the community as the network transitions into ETH2. The team has secured an exclusive filming relationship with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum Foundation Executive Director Aya Miyaguchi.

Depending on contribution size, backers will be rewarded with exclusive Infinite Garden NFTs designed by famed crypto artist pplpleasr, who is best known for creating the Uniswap V3 NFT. It sold for more than $500k in March. All token holders will have access to a Discord chat and will be mentioned in the acknowledgments on the film’s website.

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Pplpleasr spoke to The Defiant in an April podcast

Backers can also purchase one-of-one NFTs and different types of producer credits; a contribution leaderboard ranking on Mirror will keep score. Anyone who donates 1 ETH or more will receive a “Seed Sprout” NFT and their name in the “Special Thanks” section of the credits.

The artist Pplpleasr said the piece excites her because it’s probably one of the first NFTs that doubles as a movie poster and “represents so much of what the community believes in.”

“I feel a degree of responsibility to help spread awareness to these topics in a positive and eloquent way, and this documentary certainly is a step in that direction,” she said in a statement.

Most of the funds will go to the film’s budget, with 2% donated to and 3% for Gitcoin Grants to support open-source Ethereum projects.

NFTs have enabled a way for artists and creators to fund their work by connecting directly with their audiences. This year, sales of these tokens have boomed, with volume ballooning to $2.5B in the first half this year, from just $13.7M a year ago, according to DappRadar. Just last week Anthony Hopkins said his next movie will be released on the film’s production company’s NFT viewing platform VUELE –– it only makes sense that an Ethereum film would ride the NFT wave too.