Eric Wall Bitcoiners Protect BTC Against Shitcoinism But Theyre Keeping it From Valid Ideas

Eric Wall of Arcane Assets: “Bitcoiners Protect BTC Against ‘Shitcoinism’ But They’re Also Keeping it From Valid Technical Ideas”

In this week’s episode Camila Russo speaks with Eric Wall, chief investment officer at Arcane Assets. Eric has many claims to fame. One is the now renowned Bitcoin rainbow chart which overlays the color scheme over the bitcoin price in a way that would imply it helps predict future prices. But that’s exactly what he wanted to debunk. After diving into the math and statistics of technical analysis he has become resolutely against it as an investment tool.

His other claim to fame is that he used to be known as the Altcoin Slayer, thanks to his brutal takedowns of non-bitcoin tokens in the 2017 ICO era, which made him popular among Bitcoin maximalists. But he’s not a maximalist anymore, and sees value in other blockchains as he has recognized they can fulfill use cases that Bitcoin can’t. He even argues Bitcoin risks being overtaken by Ethereum if it doesn’t adopt some ETH’s own features and developments, such as a fee-burning mechanism and a more expressive scripting language.