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Elon Musk’s NFT Tweet is Selling for Over $1M

The NFT of an Elon Musk tweet about making a song about NFTs to sell as an NFT is selling for over $1M

Yeah, that’s a mouthful. 

To break it down, Elon Musk tweeted that he had made a song about NFTs that he would sell as an NFT. 

The NFT of Elon Musk’s NFT tweet is now up for auction on Valuables—a dapp built on the Ethereum-compatible L2 platform, Polygon (formerly Matic). Valuables allows users to tokenize, “autograph,” and sell tweets.

Currently, the highest bid is for 625 ETH ($1.1M USD). This would make it the second most valuable Tweet NFT on Valuables after Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s NFT of his first ever Tweet, which is currently bidding for 1,630 ETH ($2.5M USD).

Major public figures like Dorsey and Musk gravitating towards dapps built on Polygon bodes well for the scaling solution platform, which has seen its MATIC token surge 229% over the past 30 days.