defiant terminal announcement

The Defiant Terminal is Coming: Join the Waitlist

We’re excited. We’re getting ready to launch The Defiant Terminal, a platform for investors and analysts to track all DeFi data in one place. Join the waitlist today to be notified as soon as it’s live. You’ll want to be the first to get your eyes on that alpha. 

The Defiant is devoted to being the most trusted information source for decentralized finance. In our view, information is composed of content and data. An information company is fully delivering on its promise when it can offer both. For the past two years, we’ve been delivering on the content side. We’ll start delivering on the data side very soon. 

The Defiant Terminal aims to be all-encompassing, customizable, and easy to use.

It is a platform where traders, investors and researchers can find all of the DeFi data they could dream of, and all the tools to gain valuable insights from that data. 

You’ll be able to create charts and tables that include any and all of the assets in the terminal with their relevant metrics: MakerDAO value locked against MKR price, Dai lending rates on Compound for the past year, Uniswap versus Sushiswap users since the launch of V3, token prices for the top smart contracts platforms in the past two weeks  — any combination of assets and metrics, across any time frame. 

You’ll also be able to arrange these charts and tables to create specific dashboards and save those views to easily track the themes you’re most interested in, from lending and DEXs, to yield farming and Layer 2s. 

You’ll be able to share these insights over chat, gain the needed context with a real-time news feed, and be alerted when any of the assets you’re tracking breaks some key threshold. 

There is no technical knowledge needed. Anyone will soon have some of the most sophisticated charts in DeFi at their fingertips. 

Sign up now to be notified when we go live and be one of the first users. We’ll be looking for your feedback!

Information is power — The Defiant helps you seize it.