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DeFi Protocols Are Testing New Token Sale Mechanisms

DeFi protocols Perpetual and Hegic are listing their tokens with new distribution mechanisms aimed at reducing front running and price speculation.

Perpetual Protocol, a decentralized perpetual contract trading protocol that allows up to 20X leverage on long and short positions, will be the first DeFi project to list its token via a Balancer Labs-based Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools. Balancer’s LBPs have a high starting price so that there’s no benefit in rushing into the pool before others. The PERP token distribution starts today.

HEGIC, a decentralized options platform, is using what it calls an Initial Bonding Curve Offering, for its sale today. Every HEGIC IBCO participant will have the same price of 0.0000057 ETH / HEGIC (~$0.0027) for HEGIC tokens. During the IBCO contributors’ liquidity will be pooled and settled, and tokens will be claimed after the sale ends. That means there will be no difference in settlement prices for the contributors.