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DeFi Alpha Call #26 Recap

Hello Defiers! This is a recap of our latest DeFi Alpha Call that took place on 11/07/2022 in Discord.

  • 02:03 Market Overview
  • 09:08 NFT Roundup
  • 23:28 Starter Tutorial – Lend USDT for 12.4% APY to undercollateralized borrowers on TrueFi
  • 28:44 Degen Tutorial – Using the SUI Testnet for a potential airdrop.

DeFi Alpha is a weekly newsletter published for our premium subscribers, contributed by Defiant Advisor and DeFi investor at 4RC, DeFi Dad, and our Degen in Chief yyctrader. It aims to educate traders, investors, and newcomers about investment opportunities in decentralized finance, as well as provide primers and guides about its emerging platforms.

Market Overview

What do we have this week?

  • US elections
  • Inflation numbers
  • Dollar looks promising

This year has gone pretty much as expected for a year with midterm elections. If the pattern stays the same, the rest of the year should be smooth sailing.

After the results are out, the market should take some time to think about them and then move on. But we have to consider that, from the Fed’s point of view, this year is definitely not normal.

The S&P gave up some of its gains, but it seems to be getting better again. We need to keep an eye on this because of the link we’ve seen between crypto and the stock market.


Right now, the 200-day moving average is acting as a resistance. The 200-day is basically the line in the sand that separates a bullish trend from a bearish one. We’ve finally come back to test it. Now, the question is whether we’ll get rejected again at this trend line and go back to support or whether we’ll just break out from here. That’s the million-dollar question.



Same thing. Broke out of the range, but is still pretty relatively weak in comparison.

After consolidating for almost six months, has finally broken out to the top of the range. So far, it hasn’t made it through, but if it does, I expect it to break out to the 45-50 cent area. Then it will pull back and probably test this breakout again. After that, it could go as high as 60 cents.

NFT Roundup

Friendship Bracelets by Alexis André – Anyone with Art Blocks could get two of these for each wallet. Around 36,000 wallets have Art Blocks so that’s a maximum supply of about 70,000.

Gobblers were the big story. We talked about it in the Weekly Recap. So if you guys haven’t seen it yet please do. Watch now

In general, Art Blocks have been doing great over the past month or so. Art Blocks’ founder Erick Calderon’s Squiggle collection has reached a floor of almost 17 ETH, which I think is an all-time high.


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