Dedaub Claims $250k in Bounty for Primitive Finance Bug

ArmorFi CTO Robert Forster has awarded the Dedaub Team $250k $ARMOR tokens following the successful disclosure of a critical vulnerability in Primitive Finance to Immunefi. The award is part of the R Bounty program, now renamed the Founders Bounty, where Foster, working together with Immunefi, pledged that amount to anyone who discovered a flaw in any Ethereum dapp.

On Saturday, the auditing firm Dedaub exploited a critical vulnerability in a Primitive Finance smart contract while in a test environment and disclosed that bug to Immunefi. Mitchell Amador and Duncan Townsend at Immunefi confirmed the vulnerability and joined Emiliano Bonassi of DAO Reviews in an effort to fix the bug. They concluded that the only solution was to use the exploit to whitehack the funds and then return those funds to users. 

According to the Primitive Finance postmortem, the exploit allowed for a potential attacker, through a complicated maneuver, to create a fake token and swap that fake token for users’ real tokens. 

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