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Vibe! Cryptoadz Floor Price Soars as Snoop Dogg and Other NFT Buyers Pile In

If someone types “!vibe” into Cryptoadz’s Discord, a bot prints out what looks strangely like five turtles bobbing their heads. 

Why turtles? Who knows, and maybe who cares for holders of Cryptoadz. The NFTs have rocketed to a 13.5 ETH floor price from a 0.18 one the day after launch, according to Dune Analytics’ floor tracker. NFT marketplace OpenSea, shows a higher floor of 14 ETH, over $45,000 at today’s prices. 

Big players are taking notice. Cozomo de Medici, a Twitter account which the rapper Snoop Dogg claimed as his own, cashed out 140 ETH for  Cryptoadz #4236 which features a pattern referencing Fidenzas, the 999 Art Blocks pieces with a floor well over 100 ETH. 

Vote of Confidence

Starry Night Capital, an NFT fund launched in partnership with crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, has also given Cryptoadz a major vote of confidence. Starry Night dropped 135 ETH on Cryptoadz #5634 on Oct. 3. That’s over a $450,000 buy by today’s prices. 

When asked about the recent purchase, the pseudonymous Vincent Van Dough, who heads up Starry Night, told The Defiant that, “our only comment for the article is: !vibe.” The NFT fund owns four toadz in total based on the funds OpenSea wallet

Turtles bobbing heads is a hit.

Cryptoadz ascension has vaulted the project into exclusive company — the project is suddenly the sixth largest in terms of market cap at 70,415 ETH, according to Flips Finance, the NFT dashboard. With the exception of Mutant Ape Yacht Club,a derivative of Bored Ape Yacht Club , the five larger projects have been around at least four months, a long time in the lightning-quick NFT sector.

Medici now sports #4236 as his profile picture on Twitter

“The amount of detail that we put in and subtlety in the project, I think is what strongly reflects why people enjoy it,” said the anonymous motivateme.eth, a celebrated community manager in the Cryptoadz Discord on a Twitter Space with prominent NFT collector Deeze, on Oct. 4.

Motivateme.eth has cultivated a supportive culture in the toadz’s Discord — “that was a huge sale for you at the time” he told a user lamenting selling the 13 of the NFTs for under three ETH. The culture goes beyond motivateme, — “everyone sells when they feel it is the right time, we would never shame you for that,” said Loaf.eth in the Discord in support of the same user.

Cryptotoadz’s floor price is soaring.

Derivative Projects

Cryptoadz also features a Creative Commons license (CC0), which allows for any use of the project for commercial purposes which has people building derivative projects like Sockz, NFTs for Cryptoadz holders which can be redeemed for real socks. 

The non-restrictive license and subsequent derivative projects , has SFTappy, who owns 39 toadz according to Flips Finance, tweeting that the NFTs are less a profile picture project, and more a platform on which to build. “Toadz is realizing on the promise that Loot made,” SFTappy tweeted. Loot is the text-based project which launched in late August with the promise of becoming a full-blown ecosystem.

Cryptoadz may indeed become a platform of derivative projects. There’s already a game in the works as well. If you’re looking for a plan for the project though, don’t type !toadmap into the Discord — you’ll see an image promoting the phrase “no roadmap. Just vibes.”

While Cryptoadz may be short on plans, they’re not on vibes. The “!vibe” command has been typed over 36,700 times in the project’s Discord since its toadz’s inception.