Cronje Rejoins Fantom and DeFi After Posting Essay on Crypto Winter

Andre Cronje just can’t stay away. 

Cronje, a gifted dev and founder of Yearn Finance, has also proven to be a serial defector from DeFi. On Thursday, Cronje tweeted that he’s making a comeback, again. 

The South African native has changed his profile picture which showcases him uplifting the Fantom logo and has added a .ftm domain to his Twitter profile name.

Additionally, on LinkedIn, Cronje has updated his profile, which now reads “Vice President of Memes” at the Fantom Foundation, the organization that supports the Layer 1 blockchain.

No surprise, Fantom’s FTM token spiked almost 20% Thursday compared to a 1% slide for ETH.

On Oct, 25, Cronje authored an article on Medium entitled The Crypto Winter of 2022. (The piece was posted by Megan Dyamond, a lawyer at Dunsters, a law firm in Cape Town.)

Technical Advisor

Cronje is known for his “testing in prod” attitude. The developer has served as the Technical Advisor to the Fantom Foundation for nearly four years. 

In March, Cronje quit DeFi and kicked off a furor among investors who backed his projects.The following month, Cronje asked for stricter regulations on the overall DeFi ecosystem, which infuriated community members.

Fantom’s TVL plunged 94% after Cronje’s departure to $517M. On Nov. 2, Fantom announced that they have partnered with Gitcoin, to beta test grants protocol.