Could Good Dollar be cryptos answer to UBI With Yoni Assia eToros CEO 1

Could Good Dollar be crypto’s answer to UBI? With Yoni Assia (eToro’s CEO)

0:00:00 Section 1

This week we speak to the Secretary of innovation and digital transformation for the city of Buenos Aires Diego Fernandez. And in the news this week it was announced that all citizens of Buenos Aires will now be eligible to make tax payments via crypto, an initiative that Diego was front and center of. So what does this mean for residents of the city and how will it work in practice?

  • Diego Fernandez is the Secretary of innovation and digital transformation, Buenos Aires.
  • People in the city can now make their tax payments via crypto.
  • What does this initiative mean for the people of Buenos Aires?

00:14:55 Section 2

When the news originally broke of Argentina’s transition to crypto, I was awash with a feeling of positivity seeing this venture towards mass adoption. Which was promptly tempered with reality. Why would Argintinians want this? Is there even a public demand? And if not the peso, or crypto, is there another solution?

  • Government transition to crypto is a positive use case for mass adoption.
  • Is there a demand from the Argintinian people for this venture?
  • If not peso or crypto, then what?

00:38:34 Section 3

Governments coming into this space is very new territory. So there is no rule book when it comes to implementation. With so much data already available to them, how can the city best leverage the tools at its disposal and what advantages can a centralized system leverage?

  • Government entering the space is a new dynamic.
  • Onboarding is also somewhat of an unknown.
  • How can they best leverage their centralized data resources?

00:54:53 Section 4

Crypto and government have been somewhat at odds with each other. Incoming legislation has led to resistance and skepticism. But what is the long term vision of Diego of how these 2 worlds will intersect? Is there potential for a political party to be a DAO and be elected? And if not that, will web 3 naturally change the way we govern? 

  • Crypto and governments have been clashing due to incoming legislation.
  • How will these 2 opposing forces look long term?
  • Will web 3 naturally change the way we govern?