Coinbase Blues SEC COIN Layoffs NFT marketplace Degen Trilogy

Coinbase Blues – SEC, Coin, Layoffs, NFT Marketplace, & Degen Trilogy

Coinbase. The name is a strong one. Feels connected without overegging then crypto connection. A place to call home and an entry point. And that’s Coinbase. It’s the safe, muggle friendly interface between the great unwashed and the badlands. Onramp, offramp, coin pamp, lamp wick, damp prick, man what is this shit when the market goes south and the offramp goes damp with panicked cramps. Coinbase – blue logo, the happy colour, the safe colour, but when we talk of the blues, it’s about suffering, conflict and pain. Seen through that filter Coinbase has the blues. Sec investigations, layoffs, tanking stock, a rainbow of fud. Is it a dud? Should we throw mud? Shoulda woulda coulda, cows chew the cud, and make sense of the world. Just like me. Armed with a cloth to polish Brian’s scalp.