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Christie’s to Auction Off First NFT Ever Tomorrow

A non-fungible token is set to be sold at one of the world’s most prestigious auction houses tomorrow, in a world’s first.

Portraits of a Mind, the work by artist Robert Alice is composed of two parts, a physical painting and an NFT. The NFT to be auctioned at Christie’s was developed by Async Art, and changes according to the day/night cycle of the timezone that the physical painting is located in.

“The NFT space stands at an inflection point of creative experimentation – both artistically and economically,” Alice said in a press release. “Its next bold step will be to engage the traditional fine art world – of which this is only a matter of time. Not since the Renaissance has a technology so radically reorientated power and control back into the hands of the artist.”

Bitcoin Code

The physical component of Portraits of a Mind is composed of 40 separate pieces, each holding hand-painted inscriptions of the Bitcoin code. Half of the pieces, wheels with thousands of tiny numbers etched in, were already sent to collectors including CZ, Matt Roszak, Jehan Chu.

Block 21, the first publicly available work from the series, will be exhibited at Christie’s alongside major works by the masters of the 20th century, including Monet, Picasso and Warhol.