Chris Le RTFKT The Crown Prince of NFTS Exclusive

Chris Le (RTFKT) – The Crown Prince of NFTS – Exclusive

This is a big one. Chris Le, the creative director of RTFKT and now listed as a senior director of design at Nike. Clegfx as he’s know in the skins world is one of those rarest of rare creators, one who instinctively knows where the juice is and how to pivot so he’s always there. This was an incredible chat, covering the early years hustling libraries to teach himself 3D animation through designing myspace pages for rappers to the explosion of his skins career. With Benoit and Zaptio he’s also created the first truly Web3 street brand and managed to retain creative independence despite the company being acquired by the number 1 sneaker brand in the world. This didn’t just happen, there’s an energy about Chris that very few have. This was an absolute pleasure.