Buyout Period for Top-Notch NFT Bundle B20 is Live

The buyout contract for the B20 NFT bundle is live, meaning that 20 single-edition Beeple NFTs are back on the market in a winner-takes-all lot.

B.20 bundle is a collection of ultra-rare NFTs including 20 one-of-one Beeples, a 3LAU soundscape, and prime real estate in Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space. This bundle backs the B20 token, which was conceived by investor and B.20 project creator Metakovan of the Metapurse fund as a way for anyone to own a stake in the high-end NFT art world.

The buyout clause is a smart contract feature that allows anyone who holds at least 5% of B20’s total 10M token supply to initiate an auction to buy the entire NFT bundle. The winning bidder would gain direct ownership of all the NFTs in the bundle, along with the ability to separate them. 

B20 token holders have the ability to stake their tokens to veto a bid and raise the minimum bundle price by 8%. B20 token holders would benefit from a successful sale as well, gaining the ability to exchange their tokens for an equivalent percentage of the total sale price in DAI.