Brave is Planning to Build a DEX Aggregator

Brave, the company behind the open source Brave web browser that allows users to tip publishers and content creators with its first-party Basic Attention Token (BAT), is setting their sights on a lofty new project: a Brave DEX aggregator.

The Brave DEX aggregator is intended to have multi-chain support featuring many assets across different blockchains, along with various discounts and advantages for BAT holders who trade on it.

This project will go hand-in-hand with a Brave Wallet intended to unify all existing crypto wallets on Brave. The Brave Wallet will be Ethereum-native with support for both standard DeFi and NFTs, and will be capable of interacting with websites on the Brave browser without a separate extension.

Brave is also looking into L2 and other scalability solutions in order to lower the barrier of entry to DeFi. The goal is that users will be able to access and participate in the ecosystem with as little as $1 in BAT.