BoredElonMusk Talks Twitter Takeovers Bored Box and Bridging the NFT and Gaming Divide.

BoredElonMusk Talks Twitter Takeovers, Bored Box and Bridging the NFT and Gaming Divide.

0:00:00 BoredElonMusk is one of the most prominent twitter personalities with over 1.7 million followers at the time of recording.   With decades of gaming and online experience, he is now taking his skills offline with his new venture, bored box, a crypto gaming curation platform.  So how did BoredElon make his way into crypto? and what’s his take on the OG Elon’s move to try to buy twitter?  

  • BoredElonMusk has been a prominent twitter personality since 2014.
  • Over 1.7 million followers to date
  • Recently launched a new gaming venture BoredBox.

 11:16 BoredElon is creative at heart.   He grew his twitter profile by consistently tweeting wacky but relatable inventions, like a shazam for your plants that tells you how not to kill them, and upvotes and downvotes for drivers.   So at what point did his account grow to where he could leverage his audience and monetize this growing influence? 

  • BoredElon grew his profile by tweeting whacky yet relatable inventions.
  • His presence and influence grew from strength to strength
  • When did he realize this growing influence could be leveraged?

 29:55 BoredElon first transitioned to crypto through NFT artist collabs, investing in startups and now he has gone out on his own.   One of the areas that is close to his heart is the gaming world.   He recently launched his new company bored box, a game based curation platform.   So how does it work and what gap is it trying to fill? 

  • BoredElon eventually transitioned with NFT artist collabs
  • An area of interest and experience for him is the gaming world
  • Launched his company Bored Box, a game based curation platform

38:48 The traditional gaming community is a place that BoredElon identifies with.   However, in recent times we have seen a systemic negative reaction from that community when it comes to NFT’s and blockchain based gaming initiatives as a whole.   Where exactly did this negative outlook from the gaming community stem from, and for BoredElon, how does he reconcile these 2 opposing views? 

  • The gaming community has been at odds with the blockchain based initiatives
  • Consistent negativity and skepticism towards the NFT and blockchain gaming space
  • How does BoredElon reconcile this and marry these 2 opposing views?