Messaging App May Bolster NFT Market by Connecting Ethereum Users

Block explorer Etherscan has just launched Blockscan Chat, a messaging app that allows Ethereum users to chat with each other simply by connecting their wallets. Metamask and Wallet Connect are currently supported.

We tested it, and it works quite well.

The app allows users to delete messages once sent, block addresses, login from multiple devices, and get notified on the block explorer when they receive a message.

One obvious early use case will be to facilitate NFT transactions. 

Until recently, communicating with the person making a bid on your NFT, or with the holder of an NFT a collector had their eye on, meant playing detective to figure out who they were, and then somehow reaching out. 

The Blockscan tool will make it easy to simply ping the person’s Ethereum address.

Crypto Twitter is having fun with it. 

Even Vitalik is on the app, according to this tweet from Bankless founder Ryan Sean Adams.

Try it for yourself at

Note that messages are stored on Blockscan’s servers, and their terms indicate that Blockscan  “retains the legal right to host Content, publish it, and share it.”