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Blockchange Ventures’ Ken Seiff: Betting on Crypto’s Base Layer and a Multi-Chain Future

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Ken Seiff is the general partner of Blockchange Ventures, one of the longest standing venture funds focusing on early stage blockchain startups. One of his very first forays intor crypto was as one of the investors in Ethereum’s token sale, as I describe in my book, The Infinite Machine. He went on to focus on various other Layer 1s at Blockchange, investing in Polkadot, Solana, Near, Flow, among others. So what’s Kens story and what’s the driving thesis beyond Blockchange?

Section 2: 23:41

Contrary to some VC’s, Ken’s investments look to capture not just the potential value of the venture, but the overall growth of a space that is still in its infancy. So what is his thought process through these decisions? How do you pick the winning horse?

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Risk. It’s the natural rough and tumble nature of investment. You hedge your bets, make an educated guess and hope for the best. But within the volatile and nascent blockchain industry, this risk factor can really come to the fore fast. How does Ken assess what’s legit or not? Ans are there any moves that he regrets?

Section 4: 53:22

DAO’s have come into the public eye heavily recently as a legitimate route for decentralizing investment decisons. How does this affect Blockchange ventures and do they need to shift or adapt with this changing landscape?