Blockchains are Adding Property Rights to the Internet Kayvon Tehranian

 “Blockchains are Adding Property Rights to the Internet:” Kayvon Tehranian

In this week’s episode I interview Kayvon Tehranian, founder & CEO of Foundation, a platform for minting, buying and selling non-fungible tokens. We talked about the future of the internet —Kayvon believes blockchains are adding property rights to the internet. He also thinks that instead of having to wait for old institutions to come online, new ones in the form of decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOS, will be built. He foresees a future when a lot of people will start saying, ‘why aren’t you asking me to connect my wallet? Why do I have to log in this other way, that I don’t have control over what I’m doing?’ I also believe that future is not so far away.